We are early stage investors who partner with relentless founders seeking to transform industries with technology.

We are early stage investors who partner with relentless founders seeking to transform industries with technology.


We founded Prudence in 2009 with a simple goal: Invest in the transformative companies of the future by partnering with the best entrepreneurs and remaining constantly supportive of their needs. We have done this by making fewer, more concentrated investments which has enabled us to support our founders at every turn.

We invest early

We love the early stages of company building. From thinking through strategy, product, go-to-market and even being available to interview candidates, we revel in supporting the needs of our portfolio companies. As such we focus on investing in seed and Series A stage companies.

We back slightly rebellious founders who move fast

The opportunity to create and grow a new company has never been better. Technology transformation across every industry sector is inevitable. The combination of talented entrepreneurs, access to capital, software and data infrastructure, and end markets ready to embrace the efficiencies from technology, has created an unprecedented opportunity to solve real problems in a timely manner. We love to back those teams who see those opportunities and pursue them with energy and purpose.

Our investment scales up alongside your growth

At Prudence we believe in quality over quantity. We seek to make fewer investments and build more concentrated positions in the companies we partner with. So as our companies grow, we are excited to continue to support those companies with additional investment dollars well beyond our pro rata. We know how hard it is to build transformative companies and the least we can do is be ready with our capital to support your growth and lessen the burden of finding new investors.


Our Investments


Meet the team

Gavin Myers

Co Founder & General Partner


Thriving candy business shutdown by elementary school Principal


Graduates from Yale University with a BA in Political Science


Leaves Goldman Sachs, NY after 9 months to move to San Francisco to work with tech companies at Credit Suisse First Boston


Graduates from Columbia Business School with an MBA in Finance and General Management


Works in middle market private equity but spends free time meeting with early stage founders of technology companies


Joins with David to build Prudence Holdings


Board of Directors at HZO, Voray, Julius, Morty, Blockchain (observer), Properly and Hemlane


Coaching soccer, cutting back on podcasts and spending time with his wife Janie and their boys, Brooks and Kemp

David Fischer

Co Founder & General Partner


Apple 2 computer leads to life long passion for tech


Studies economics before switching to law and graduating with an LLB from Manchester University in the UK and passing the bar


Foregoes law, creates a family office with a focus on alternative investments; immersed in world of hedge-funds, forms nuanced view of finance industry


Liquidates 2/3 of portfolio, pre-crisis, due to his analysis


Post-crisis, senses larger opportunity in direct, private investments, circling back to his tech passion seeing it as a key driver of global economic growth


Joins with Gavin to build Prudence Holdings


Reading, surfing around the world and spending time with his family

Jordan Viniar


AGE 10

Makes first investment in one share of TCBY stock


Graduates from Brown University with an AB in Economics


Leaves Goldman Sachs for the first time after two years in Natural Resources Investment Banking


Works at hedge fund Partner Fund Management in San Francisco


Moves into the tech world with Shift Technologies, building a consumer auto lending business


Transitions to technology investing at Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, working on investments including Zola and Built Technologies


Joins Gavin and David to continue the growth of Prudence Holdings


Playing basketball, cooking, and traveling with his wife Gloria


In The News


"As I prepared to launch Compass, I worked out of Prudence’s office and Gavin was involved with many formative discussions, from capital raising and strategy to even our name. From the seed round investment to the present they have always been thinking of ways to help Compass. Prudence is more than an investor, I consider them as partners and friends in our mission to transform the real estate industry."

Robert Reffkin

CEO & Co-Founder of Compass

"Gavin and David are truly great investors and business builders. From devising strategy to recruiting talent, asking for the right data and astutely learning from it, developing partnerships and making sales, cultivating subsequent round investors and being a steady source of sage advice and commensurate action."

Mark Gerson

Founder of Gerson Lehrman Group & Julius

"Prudence is much more thoughtful and empathetic than the typical investor. They have a remarkable ability to put themselves in my shoes as a CEO and assist me in solving problems that are seemingly intractable. My cofounder and I consider them a genuine partner in building Hemlane, and they are a firm to whom we attribute a large amount of our success."

Dana Dunford

CEO & Co-Founder of Hemlane

"Morty’s mission to transform the mortgage industry is lofty, and we saw Prudence’s reputation and expertise in the PropTech industry as a crucial piece to help us scale in our Series A. Prudence has been both an investor and strategic partner for us. Their ability to think holistically about Morty’s mission and bring strategic investors into the mix has helped us hit critical milestones and fuel our growth."

Nora Apsel

COO & Co-Founder of Morty


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